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Tips for better work-life balance

It’s a big challenge nowadays to balance personal and professional life both. Sometimes prioritizing your work can impact your personal life in such a way that your physical, emotional and mental health goes completely off the track. Prioritizing between professional and personal life both can be a bit difficult task. Keeping a stress-free, healthy, happy,…
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How To Compare Business Electricity Rates Online

Whenever you think of minimizing overhead, electricity is one of the essentials but extremely inconstant overheads that can be negotiated down. Any kind of business needs electricity and the cost of electricity is always higher than your expectations. Getting the best deal for electricity is not too difficult but often businesses just accept the pricing…
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Beat the prices in your business energy renewal letter

Beat the prices in your business energy renewal letter We all are aware of the fact that business energy prices keep rising and many organizations in the UK take no action when it comes to their renewal. Switching your business energy provider at the time of renewal can save a lot of money and renewals…
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Tips and tricks to make live chat effective.

Live chat is an extremely comfortable source of problem-solving and proper communication. It is easy, fast and infinitely more convenient than email or phone. Professionalism over live chat is as important as when you talk to your customer over the phone or in person. People avoid long-distance phone calls and if they are at busy…
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How a chatbot improves customer experiences

How a chatbot improves customer experiences Many companies use chatbots to reduce operational costs and quick answers. But it improves customer experience in many ways. Afterall these chatbots are made for customers and when a customer is happy with chatbots for many reasons, then it is a win-win situation for both customers and business. Your…
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Understand Your Business Energy Bills

Understand Your Business Energy Bills This is your fundamental right to understand your business energy bills and come to know whether you are paying for what you consumed or overpaying due to a lack of understanding of your energy bills. Your bill has all the basic information you need, the only thing matters are to…
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Benefits of Smart Meters in Businesses

Smart meters are the latest equipment which shows the usage of gas and electricity in real-time, therefore you get an idea about your spending on your energy. Installing Smart meters and saving your business money through Smart meters will transform the way your business saves money. Every half hour, automated readings based on your energy…
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Save business gas, save money

A business owner always tries for different ways to save costs on energy. It could be a common practice to save electricity by switching off the lights and shutting down the computers but saving money on your gas could be a crucial part. Here are our top tips on how your business can save energy…
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Effective Energy Saving Tips for Businesses

Energy management is a comprehensive area. Increasing energy efficiency and reducing costs could be a big deal at your workplace. Finding out ways to cut costs in any organization is better energy management. Using the methodology of energy comparison, switching energy providers through energy brokers, we have developed business energy saving plans. We have identified…
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Expert Tips to Achieve Energy Efficiency

Business electricity prices play an important role in the overall growth of a business and so does energy efficiency. Before you go ahead and compare the business electricity prices in UK, take a second and think about the importance of energy management. A number of businesses go through various phases while they are on the…
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How to Get the Best Energy Deal for Your Business

Market research shows that many businesses in the UK are missing out on the best energy deals. Gas and electricity are major costs for small and medium sized enterprises. Even so, lots of firms are paying far more than they need to for their energy and losing money that could be spent on growing the…
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Why Switching Your Business Energy Matters

If you run a small to medium sized business then you probably already know that energy bills make up a major expense. Electricity and gas are reckoned to cost the average SME £2,500 and £3,200 respectively each year. And the total energy bill for SMEs in the UK has been calculated at over £3.5 billion.…
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