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Tips To Make Your Business More Energy Efficient

Energy is a cost incurred by a business that needs to be controlled over. As per the study, many businesses use 20 percent extra energy than it actually needs. That’s why high energy costs affect the bottom line of the business. Any business can cut the energy bills with some effort and cooperation from your…
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How Much Business Energy Is Used Every Year in A Restaurant?

One of the greatest business energy users is busy restaurants. Restaurants tend to use a lot of energy while preparing food, heating, air conditioning, lighting, other electronic gadgets, etc. There is a lot of club electricity and gas required for small businesses as well as large expensive restaurants. Electricity and gas are required to provide…
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How To Switch Energy Supplier Without Penalty

Switching from the existing energy supplier's standard tariff to a cheaper tariff energy deal is a quick and easy way to cut the cost of your business electricity and gas bills. To get the best business energy deal in the market, make sure you compare the business energy prices regularly and then switch. With effect…
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Why Your Business Needs To Perform An Energy Audit

It is important to take advantage of any tips, tricks, or suggestions that will help you save money on your business energy bills. It is nothing to do with your business size like if you have a big business then only you are supposed to consider the bottom line; rather if you own or manage…
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UK government and employers should begin minimizing difficulties if they are planning to reopen the workplace and start operations. In this COVID-19, reintegrating staff and assessing internal policies are more important. We will discuss a few points before reopening a workplace focusing on social distancing measures and policies. Modifications in the physical workplace Creating partitions…
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How to manage and help with your business energy bills during COVID-19

The entire world is suffering from the pandemic COVID-19 and the Coronavirus impact on the economy is hazardous. Businesses have been affected terribly. Keeping coronavirus impact on the economy in mind, the government and energy industry have agreed to provide the required support. Struggling to pay business energy bills? If you are worried about your…
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Shopping Tips for Electricity from Business Energy Switchers

In this digital world where the internet and online services are common, it is very easy to shop anything including business electricity and gas. Customers mostly opt for local utility energy suppliers at the approved rate. In the volatile market of business energy, customers are supposed to shop around to find the best business energy…
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Best time to switch business energy provider

Switching can be a bit tricky if you don’t know the best time to switch. If you don't owe money to your old business energy supplier/provider, and you can leave the contract without exit fees, even if just started your plan or in the middle of the plan, then switch now. There is a possibility…
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Strategies to Cut Business Electricity Prices

We all are aware of the fact that how the cost of business electricity has soared in recent years. In fact, business electricity bills have been doubled over the last span of time. And that’s the reason Business NRG team is here to let you know your business’s outgoings. Most probably, long-term business energy efficiency…
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Types of Chatbots: Know Which One Works Best for your Business

As you are already aware of how a Chatbot improves customer experiences, however, can we know which Chatbot works pleasant to your commercial enterprise? Gartner predicts that by 2021, greater than 50% of enterprises will spend extra on chatbot advent than conventional mobile app development. Businesses, regardless of the industry are making the maximum of…
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Tips for better work-life balance

It’s a big challenge nowadays to balance personal and professional life both. Sometimes prioritizing your work can impact your personal life in such a way that your physical, emotional and mental health goes completely off the track. Prioritizing between professional and personal life both can be a bit difficult task. Keeping a stress-free, healthy, happy,…
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How To Compare Business Electricity Rates Online

Whenever you think of minimizing overhead, electricity is one of the essentials but extremely inconstant overheads that can be negotiated down. Any kind of business needs electricity and the cost of electricity is always higher than your expectations. Getting the best deal for business electricity is not too difficult but often businesses just accept the…
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