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Switching can be a bit tricky if you don’t know the best time to switch. If you don't owe money to your old business energy supplier/provider, and you can leave the contract without exit fees, even if just started your plan or in the middle of the plan, then switch now.

There is a possibility that you are locked into your tariff with exit fees which is applicable at the time of leaving or you have built up a large debt, then, of course, this is not the right time to switch your business energy provider/supplier.

However, you might find the best time to switch is:

  1. Long time: There are chances when you haven’t switched your business energy provider/supplier for 12-18 months. When you switch after a certain period of time, you might get cheaper business energy deals.
  2. Before winter: This is really a tricky strategy. Many people use less energy in the summer compared to winter. Months will make sure, you get the cheaper tariff before winter arrives and energy tariff rises.
  3. Price rise: When you come to know about the price increase forecast, or predicted tariffs or when you suspect prices are about to rise, you can switch your business energy broker/supplier.
  4. Contract date is almost over or near expiry: Switching your business energy providers can take 21-28 days even if you are signed up to the energy switch guarantee. Changing your business energy provider before your current business energy deal ends could save you from increased standard tariffs.
  5. Clear your debt: If you clear all the dues towards your business energy provider, you can shop around for a cheaper deal.

You can switch straight away if you plan in the correct way. If you're concerned about canceling your existing plan too early or compensating exit fees, so, better you wait for your switching window to open. For any assistance, Get connected with Business Energy Switchers.

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