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We all are aware of the fact that how the cost of business electricity has soared in recent years. In fact, business electricity bills have been doubled over the last span of time. And that’s the reason Business NRG team is here to let you know your business’s outgoings. Most probably, long-term business energy efficiency measures can reduce your business electricity costs and finally improve your bottom line. As per recent research, UK companies are not very much aware of the technology available that’s why not able to reduce their business electricity costs.

So, the question is what all the methods can your business implement to reduce business energy costs without going to extremes?

  1. Cost-saving LED lights

LED and CFL lights consume less electricity and last much longer compared to normal bulbs. It reduces electricity consumption by up to 75%. If you succeed to get LED lighting done around your office or workplace, then you can avail the benefits very quickly as your business electricity bills reduce.

  1. Use of motion-sensor lighting

If you want to reduce your business electricity costs, you should take a look at the existing lighting system that is being used within the business property. Motion-sensor lighting is the best at your workplace because there are areas where every time lighting is not required like toilets, conference rooms or meeting rooms.

  1. Spend in a programmable thermostat

Adjust the temperature at your workplace when people are less or no one is working through a programmable thermostat.

  1. 1 degree matters a lot

Keep control of your cooling and heating. Keeping your office temperature one degree down during winters and one degree up during summers which will help in reducing the electricity bill cost by up to 10%.

  1. Let employees do work from home on alternate days

This could be one of the options to save electricity in terms of lighting, cooling, etc. With proper VPN technology, an employee can get connected safely without any delay. Flexible timing gives an advantage to the employees as well as a business too.

Why not look to adopt these methods for your business today and earn the long term benefits? If you wish to switch to a cheaper business energy tariff or any other aspect of your business gas and electricity usage, please get in touch with Business Energy Switchers.

We never make fake promises and can give you an online comparison with no call-backs or frustrating emails. We just want to stand out in this crowded business energy market and make life easier for your business energy.

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