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How to manage and help with your business energy bills during COVID-19

The entire world is suffering from the pandemic COVID-19 and the Coronavirus impact on the economy is hazardous. Businesses have been affected terribly. Keeping coronavirus impact on the economy in mind, the government and energy industry have agreed to provide the required support.

Struggling to pay business energy bills?

If you are worried about your energy bill and wondering how to pay energy bills because of the Coronavirus impact, there may be other opportunities available.If you find difficult to pay your business energy bill on time, contact your service provider to find out how they can help. Your business energy service provider might help you in case you received a disconnection notice. Help with your energy bills.

There could be solutions provided by business energy providers like late payment or pay in smaller amounts, no standing charge business tariffs, etc.

What can you expect from a business energy provider?

  1. Waive off the fees related to re-connection, contract break, disconnection and so on
  2. Free from financial stress and provide a payment plan during COVID-19.
  3. Disconnection would not take place under financial stress.
  4. No standing charge business tariffs.
  5. Minimize planned outages, and providing as much notice as possible to help you manage during an outage

Energy providers are making sure help is available to customers affected by Coronavirus. Business Energy Switchers supports your business and is providing a No Standing Charge facility to the customers. “No Standing Charge” means if your business is not using electricity or gas because of lockdown, you won’t have to spend a single penny on your energy. Try our comparison tool today for FREE! Visit our website at and save money. Stay Safe!

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