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UK government and employers should begin minimizing difficulties if they are planning to reopen the workplace and start operations. In this COVID-19, reintegrating staff and assessing internal policies are more important.

We will discuss a few points before reopening a workplace focusing on social distancing measures and policies.

  1. Modifications in the physical workplace

Creating partitions and modifying high-touch surfaces is not a big deal when you reopen your workplace. To avoid the crowd in the elevators, use taped squares.

  1. No physical contact and limited in-person interactions

Whether it is a meeting, travel, cafeterias, etc. maintain a proper distance. For meetings, video conferencing is a better option.

  1. Training

Keep reminding social distancing policies and rules to the employees. This will train the employees to follow the protocols.

  1. Scheduling of staff

Employee scheduling is a must-do work like staggered shifts, alternatives, or manage through telework.

  1. Regular checkups

Introduce a few screening protocols like temperature checks, tracking COVID-19 tests, and many more.

  1. Use of personal protective equipment (PPE)

Make sure all the employees wear PPE compulsory and whatever the PPE cost is, either company provides it or reimburse the cost.

  1. Sanitizing and cleaning

Cleaning common areas and sanitizing those areas should be in practice. Hand sanitizers should be available to every employee. Businesses may also renew and review the contracts with cleaning service providers.

  1. Review the policies and contracts

Employers must focus and review the policies like leaves, pay, benefits, incentives, travel, crisis management plans, layoff, future furlough, sickness, and many more.

Issues will rise above all the protocols and measures but to overcome the issues with the help of employees and staff can win and accept the new world. Bring back furloughed staff depending on the circumstances and workforce. Business Energy Switchers is always available for your business electricity and gas needs. Visit us @ or call us @ 203 582 6673

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