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Live chat is an extremely comfortable source of problem-solving and proper communication. It is easy, fast and infinitely more convenient than email or phone. Professionalism over live chat is as important as when you talk to your customer over the phone or in person. People avoid long-distance phone calls and if they are at busy places where noise is on top of the toe, live chat helps those who struggle to hear over background sound.

Keeping everything in mind, there are a few tips for making the most of the live chat facility on your website.

  1. Wait for the right time

You are available to chat but don’t jump into it soon. Let customers settle down and go through your website then offer help or support. The ideal waiting time is 10 seconds or when someone has reached the bottom of the website page.

  1. The first impression is the last

Try to make your first impression in a good and positive note. The pitch, sounds, words, and graphics play an important role when you are offering a live chat. Don’t make selling as your priority but a target to give the proper information.

  1. User-friendly questions.

Make your live chat simple, easy, user-friendly and intuitive tool. Users become frustrated easily when they have to go through complicated live chat facility. Make the conversation simple especially by not asking an email address in the beginning.

  1. Understand user’s needs

Address FAQs in the live chat window in a polite, thoughtful and clever way. Try to understand the user’s needs and suggest the way it suits the requirement. Let the worry come out of the customer’s head and make sure you give proper advice and information. An advanced version of customer service does that.

  1. Reply immediately and 24/7

Instant reply from the other makes the user happy and satisfied. Live chat as the name suggests, it is live. Customers expect instant communication to be established irrespective of demographic location or where they are located. The operator is the one who takes care of the queries, concerns, and information related to the brand. Make sure the operator does it well and in a very polite way. 24/7 service makes it easier for the customers to communicate as per their convenience.

  1. Keep your answers simple and short

Don’t take so much time to reply or send too many messages. Chat is all about conversation and by nature requires short informative sentences. So, engage your customers in a real conversation and no need to follow the email template every time.

Follow these tips when you are going to do official live chat and improve great listening skills and empathy so that customers will be completely satisfied.

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