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How a chatbot improves customer experiences
Many companies use chatbots to reduce operational costs and quick answers. But it improves customer experience in many ways. Afterall these chatbots are made for customers and when a customer is happy with chatbots for many reasons, then it is a win-win situation for both customers and business. Your customers will be your real winner.
A chatbot can improve your experience as a customer.
1. Continuous live chat
The chatbot works in a much similar way an online conversation with live customer support executives. These bots engage the customers with natural language processing methods, deliver a response as per customer queries but in real these bots are practically non-existent. The seamless live chat saves the time and trouble of the customer.
2. 24/7 client service
Since it’s a machine so chatbots don’t need sleep at all. Chatbots offer customers the opportunity to get answers to their questions at any point in time. So, customers don’t have to wait for a response from an email or voicemail message. The best chatbots make the customer feel as if they are talking to a live operator.
3. A smoother journey
Generally, these online live conversation pops up on any particular page to offer further information, discount count, as well. Chatbots give many options to customers like purchase method, shipment method, rate or tariff of the product. These facilities make customers important and their journey becomes smooth.
4. Less hassle
As per the survey, chatbots satisfy the specific needs of the customer. Handling the queries, resolving the issues, reduce the time to find out a representative on the phone, and streamline the entire customer service. Much needed tasks are getting done by chatbots.
5. Less usage of IVR
The biggest complaint from customers have is interactive voice response (IVR) systems. These systems take the basic details from the customers and then the customer service executive comes into the picture and CSR again takes the basic details which have already been fed in the IVR database.
A chatbot can be used in a similar way but with less IVR frustration. Customers get the feeling of being heard and understood because of chatbots answer and response to the queries and it looks like the customer will conclude. It gives the feeling of human being presence.

Businesses cannot be left behind from the recent trends or else they run at loss. The use of chatbots is one of the latest trends not only in the world of artificial intelligence but also in industry.

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