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A business owner always tries for different ways to save costs on energy. It could be a common practice
to save electricity by switching off the lights and shutting down the computers but saving money on
your gas could be a crucial part.

Here are our top tips on how your business can save energy and utility costs:

1. Shield your buildings

Insulation is a cheap and great way to cut down on how much gas is needed to keep your rooms warm.
It depends on what type of building your business is a part of, there are possible ways to insulate the
roof and the walls.

If insulation isn’t a workable option, check your doors, windows, and electrical fittings to ensure heat is
not escaping through any hidden cracks or gaps. If there are cracks, you can use draught-proofing to
keep your heat in and your bills short.

Less heat is lost during the day when there is a properly insulated environment, the result would be less
energy consumption to keep the building warm.

2. Heat rooms at different rates

By regulating the valves on your radiators, you can control your gas usage, and therefore heat is used in
each and individual room.

Even if you do decrease the temperature to try and save on your energy bills, you might still be killing
energy if you’re heating your entire office to the same extent.

Adjust the valves and no need to heat the rooms at the same level.

3. Install smart meters

Tracking your energy usage is a good idea to save on your bills. Smart meters are not only used for
electricity but gas as well. Monitor your gas supply will ensure you only pay for the energy you use and
this facility can be availed by installing smart meters. You can keep an eye on your usage and control
your usage to make some adjustments.

4. Switch your gas provider

Switching to a cheaper tariff will give a solution to save energy. Cut your energy bills through Business Energy Switchers. Cheaper tariffs and best service will be guaranteed.

For your convenience, read our blog How to Get the Best Energy Deal for Your Business. Save Energy,
Save Planet.

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