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Business energy management is a comprehensive area. Increasing business energy efficiency and reducing business energy costs could be a big deal at your workplace. Finding out ways to cut costs in any organization is better energy management. Using the methodology of business energy comparison, switching business energy through business energy brokers, we have developed business energy-saving plans.

We have identified a few quick fixes to clean up and save your business energy bills. Easiest but operational ways to boost your workplace energy efficient.


IT Tools

You can save £35 a year per desk if you turn off PCs and monitors at night.

  1. Turn off and save: - You are using energy even in standby mode or sleep mode. Turn off at the power/plug point; unplug machines when not in use. Shut down equipment at weekends and on bank holidays.
  2. Inspire staff to switch equipment off when not in use.
  3. Use power-saving features/settings on monitors and printers automatically. Ensure you switch off computers and monitors at the end of the day unless they need to stay on.

Office lighting

You can reduce business energy costs by installing the right lights at the office and your business energy costs will reduce by up to 15%.

  1. LED lights vs Halogen lights: - LED bulb will use 85% less power but produce the equivalent amount of light as a halogen bulb, so you can replace a 50 Watt halogen bulb with a 7.5 Watt LED. LED lasts longer than CFL and incandescent bulbs.
  2. Use sensor devices: - Motion detection light switches are devices that spontaneously turn lights on when sensors attached to them notice movement, they also turn beams off when there is no movement. Besides saving money on the company’s utility bill, the motion detection light switches help reduce the industry’s impact on the atmosphere.
  3. Encourage staff to switch off lights when they’re not needed

Office heating

Decreasing the temperature by 1°C can save enough energy and equivalent to print over 40 million sheets of A4 paper.

  1. Turn down the thermostat: - If you decrease your room temperature by 1°C you won’t notice, but you’ll save up to 10% on following year’s bill! Keep the thermostat between 20-23°c.
  2. Use electric heaters carefully – electric heaters are one of the most expensive heat sources and the more you use it, the more your business electricity bill will be.
  3. Opening the windows is always not a good option in warm weather. Better you control the heating process and save business energy too!



Upgrade your building

10% of heat loss due to outdated equipment in many buildings.

  1. Try to use the energy star logo: - Planning to buy new equipment or upgrade your office? If yes, make sure it shows the energy star logo – guaranteeing energy efficiency is built in. Buy energy-efficient equipment for offices.
  2. Fix self-adhesive thermal bands around doors and windows to decrease draughts. Try to fix automatic/programmed closers on external doors and set timers.
  3. Use plugs/smart plugs to reduce business energy consumption.


Well, a good business energy consultant will guide you to understand your business energy bills. Business Energy Switchers will always ready to assist you in saving business energy and bringing the cheapest business energy prices to the consumers.

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