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How to Get the Best Energy Deal for Your Business

Market research shows that many businesses in the UK are missing out on the best energy deals. Gas and electricity are major costs for small and medium sized enterprises. Even so, lots of firms are paying far more than they need to for their energy and losing money that could be spent on growing the business.

According to data released by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) the average annual spend on energy for a SME is £4,243 in the UK. And of those businesses surveyed it was found 43% had never tried to switch their supplier. Those businesses believed better deals weren’t available or thought that staying with the same supplier would be beneficial over the long-term.

In fact, both beliefs are false. Much better energy deals are out there on the market. And staying with your existing energy supplier won’t lead to cut prices due to your loyalty. To get the best deal for your business you’ll need to be prepared to hunt around and switch suppliers.

It’s a case of doing your homework, knowing the ins and outs of how your existing energy contract works, and then talking to some providers. And there are major savings available for firms who find the best deal for them and switch their energy supplier.

Start by going through your existing energy contract and checking on all the finer details. You will need to know exactly when the contract runs out and when the renewal and cancellation period kicks in.

With business contracts you’ll find that you can’t simply switch half way through but will need to wait for that cancellation period to start before you can inform your provider you want to switch to an alternative.

You might encounter problems if you have unpaid debts to your current energy provider. But as long as you get your timing right and are fully paid up then you shouldn’t face any problems from your existing supplier.

In fact, it’s worth pushing them for a better deal. Take that sum as a basic figure for comparison when you come to talk to other providers. Then you have a few possible approaches to take.

You can use a broker or consultant to contact the energy suppliers for you to pinpoint the best deal for you. Or you can out in the hours and get on the phone yourself and haggle and barter as hard as you can with suppliers until you have a range of quotes.

Those methods take a lot of time. For a hassle-free way of getting the best energy deals talk to us at Business Energy Switchers. We handle the searching and bargaining for you and then get the energy company to come to you direct – saving you time and stress, and ensuring you end up making savings on your next energy bill.

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