With energy being the most volatile of all commodity markets, there has never been a more relevant time for switching your business energy to a more competitive supplier through one of the most promising brokers in the UK. We work completely different from other brokers, by using our services. We introduce and help our customers to select the right energy supplier as per their requirements. Our specialized utility brokers offer a customized and accurate quote to our clients as per their usage.


We endeavour to contact you within 24 hours & guarantee to beat your existing business energy renewal prices

Trusted By Thousands

We have already helped thousands of business make the switch to a more competitive energy supplier & reducing energy cost

Stress Free Service

Let us take the stress out of switching energy provider, Why spend your valuable time searching through dozens of energy suppliers when we can get them come to you

Switch & Save

We aim to provide our client with the best business energy switching service by saving time & reducing their energy costs

Simple Switching Service

Business Energy Switchers are an independent energy brokers for small to medium businesses. Our aim is to simply help you save money by switching your energy supply to a competitive supplier. We work with a range of competitive suppliers to provide a flexible solution that meets all your business energy needs.

  • Switch With Ease

    We work with the most competitive energy suppliers in the market, from the big six all the way to the smaller panel of suppliers. Our aim is to match your business needs and provide you the best deal for your business.

  • Energy Tariffs

    Don’t let your energy bills give you an expected surprise. Why spend your valuable time to search through thousands of energy tariffs and contacting suppliers when we can have them come directly to you.

  • Trusted By Businesses

    1000’s of business have already benefited by switching. Let us power your business to success.

  • Start Saving Today

    By using our service you could save £1,000’s, simply fill out the quote form and we will arrange for an advisor to contact you.

  • Straight Talking

    Our simple business energy switching site can help you save more than 30% on your energy bills †.

  • Direct Quote

    Business Energy Switchers will get a cheaper and accurate quote as per your business usage today directly from the most competitive supplier(s).

Get Your Free Quote Today & Start Saving


Lets Power Your Business

  • Save up to 30% on your business electricity & gas prices
  • Completely free switch & save service
  • Compare and save up to £1000 on your business electricity & gas bill
  • Have an experience energy broker contact you today
  • Already benefited thousands of customers reduces their energy bills
  • Why spend your valuable time searching for a supplier when we can do it for you

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See What Our Customers Have To Say

  • Testimonial #5

    I have been with the same provider for the past 5 years. Every year we receive a letter from our existing provider highlighting the new renewal prices for the next 12 months which we normally accept. My understanding was, as an existing customer I was always given competitive rates . I decided this year I would shop around. When using this service I realised how much I could save by just switching to an alternative provider.

    Big Joe’s – Bedford
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  • Testimonial #4

    Quick & reliable service, we requested a quote via the website and within 24 hours I received a call direct from couple of suppliers. Thanks to Business Energy Switchers we managed to get a cracking deal on our business electricity.

    Perkins Flower Garden & Aflora Luxe Gifts – Northampton
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  • Testimonial #3

    We have lots of calls during our energy renewal date from varies brokers & consultants offering a variation of quotes which can be very confusing. It took us less than a minute to fill in the online quote. I received a call from one of the panel of suppliers of Business Energy Switchers whom offered me a very competitive quote. We made the switch and saved over £400 on our energy bills.

    Subway – NewcastleManager
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  • Testimonial #2

    We found the service very straight forward. Instead of spending countless hours on the net searching through different suppliers prices, We just filled in the online quote form and had the suppliers call us directly.

    Easy Talk – DaventryConsultant
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  • Testimonial #1

    I would normally call around to approximately 2-3 suppliers for a business energy quotation and go with the cheapest supplier. As you could imagine this normally would take lots of time and not to mention the headache of working out the most competitive quote. After submitting our details online we were shortly contacted by a competitive supplier whom offered us a great price and saved 26% on our renewal price.

    Creation Motor Sports – Birmingham Designer
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† Saving is based on average business gas usage 70,000 kwh, a maximum saving that can be made by switching Gas between Supplier 1yr tariffs off existing providers renewal price, from 4.29p/kwh to 3.23p/kwh). All prices are based as of 25/07/2015.

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